Ho’oponopono means ‘to rectify an error.’ This is an ancient Hawaiian ritual of forgiveness which is based on the understanding that the problems in our lives are the results of errors based on past memories. When we acknowledge and take responsibility for our actions, and we repent for our errors, the light transforms our pain.

Please forgive me I love you Thank you

Please forgive me
I love you
Thank you

It’s very powerful if done from the heart. It is the perfect ritual to release any guilt you may be feeling for yourself, or others so you can let go of the past and move forward more easily.

Begin your ritual with a prayer of gratitude for all your blessings, and for the opportunity to bring more peace, love and harmony into your life. Make some quiet time in your busy day and give yourself space to relax. Slow down with some breathing and meditation, until you reach the stillness within. Light a candle and place it next to you. 

Bring to mind the person you need to heal with. Now repeat these phrases until you begin to feel a warm sensation of love and compassion flow through your body. Break through any resistances, knowing that life is too short for you to be carrying around anger, hate, sorrow, pain, and frustration.  Once we let go of these emotions that belong to the past, we free ourselves up to bring in more positive and loving experiences into our lives.

I’m sorry

Please Forgive me

Thank you

I Love you

Forgiveness ~ Self Love

Forgiveness ~ Self Love

It is only when we first find real forgiveness and compassion for ourselves, for our mistakes, our regrets, our own faults and blunders that we can find it for others.  It is only when we heal our deepest wounds that we see the healing automatically happening in our external world.
At the beginning this ritual may seem painful, especially if you feel like you are not to blame for the situation you find yourself in. However, It is this denial that stops us from accepting that on the deepest subconscious level we have chosen this person and this situation and we are responsible for everything that has and is happening. The power comes when we can recognize this, change our internal dialogue, and let go of the past in order to create a new future.
When we can start seeing every experience, however hard and painful, with compassion and gratitude for ourselves, rather than as a helpless victim, we can start accepting both the dark and light parts of our nature and start co-creating the life we want to experience.  

Ho'oponopono Everything


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Ali Grabel is an Experienced, Compassionate Presence Specializing in Transformation. ~ Advanced Rolf Practitioner ~ She studied for 6 + years on Kauai, Hawaii with Emmett Hutchinson, one of Ida Rolf’s first anointed teachers.


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