7 Gateways to Higher Consciousness According to Hawaiian Shamanism

Hawaiian Shamanism

In ancient times in Hawaii, as with most ancient indigenous people groups, there existed tribal Shamans who walked the line between the realms of the seen and the unseen and who understood the true nature of reality beyond the perceptions of the veil. In Hawaii, these wise elders were called Kahunas and they were respected by the people for their healing and divining abilities.

During present times, these ancient ways remain yet are also transformed and molded to the changing times. Such is the case with the spiritual worldviews inherent in Hawaiian spiritual life.  As an expansion on the Kauna concepts of reality, Max Long, a metaphysics pioneer, linked the Kahuna worldview with metaphysical theory and what resulted was what he called the ‘7 Huna Principles’.  Here are the 7 principles and their basic implications:

The 7 Huna Principles

  1. Ike- The world is what you think it is

  2. Kala- There are no limits

  3. Makia- Energy flows where attention goes

  4. Mana Wa- Now is the moment of power

  5. Aloha- To love is to be ‘happy with’

  6. Mana- All power comes from within

  7. Pono- Effectiveness is the measure of truth

Ike – The world is what you think it is: perception is reality.  This is an often repeated sentiment in metaphysical thought and theory but is nonetheless accurate and logical in terms of what quantum physics has shown.  Our outer perception of reality is but a mirror to our own inner state which is composed of our thoughts, emotions, and ultimately our belief systems. If you test this out you will see it is true. When we walk in the world with a chip on our shoulder, negative emotions, and aggressive thoughts, we will be met with an uncaring and violent world.  If we are filled with peace and enjoyment, we will experience of world of flowers, songs, and beauty.


Kala – There are no limits: All limits are merely those put in place by our own minds.  Yes, perhaps we have inherited or been conditioned into those limiting beliefs by our parents or greater society, but we are nonetheless responsible for the expansion beyond any limitations we experience.  they are but an illusion.  As our belief systems are shaken loose and shifted, we will shift into alternate versions of the self where our reality is malleable and plastic and is able to be shifted according to our own state of consciousness.


Makia – Energy flows where attention goes: This is one of the most foundational and universally valuable concepts to embrace and integrate into our lives.  We exist as constantly transforming fields of vibration in an infinitely shifting quantum universe.  What does this mean?  Our thoughts steer the ship.  Our thoughts are things.  With our thoughts, beliefs and emotions we shift our own state of being and thus our entire reality.  Intention is the formative principle.  Therefore, being with attention, and energy will follow.


Mana Wa – Now is the moment of power: Now is truly the only moment we have, and if we could understand and live in this now perspective, total liberation and power would be ours.  The past and the future, by definition, are merely concepts of an experience that is not immediately real, and when or if those perceived experiences come into alignment with the present moment, they will be just that- present moment.  Therefore, there is no moment but now and because this is so, ALL power must rest in this moment right now.


Aloha – To love is to be happy with: The only difference between whether you receive nourishment or pain from any given person, experience, perception, or moment is whether or not you love that person or thing.  Love is not a valentines day card or a sappy emotional state, is is merely a perfect state of total acceptance and non resistance.  Love is pure appreciation. If we can understand that all things we see in our reality are flowing from the self, that they are reflections and indicators of who we are and our current state of being, we would love them all and thus maintain our power internally rather than externalizing it.  Likewise, If you love and unconditionally accept a person, you will have no choice but to be happy with them because true love holds no expectations.  It loves JUST BECAUSE and expects nothing in return. 


Mana – All power comes from within: Every ounce of power and ability rests within the self. Everything else we experience through the vehicle of our perception is merely a permission slip or a ritual we use to give ourselves permission to experience a certain aspect of ourselves.  All power is from within and nothing can obscure that power. 


Pono – Effectiveness is the measure of truth: How can we know if something is true? Truth is subject and relative to the perspective experiencing it. Therefore the ultimate measure of truth is whether or not something is working effectively for you.  That is all that truly matters.  There are infinite paths and they all ultimately lead back to the same destination which is the source of all things, or the light of consciousness itself. Everything else is a beautiful and integral facet or aspect of all that is and therefore every single thing is valid and true in its own right.  What matters is if that path is effective for you on your specific journey.


I hope you have found this information helpful.  Thank you for reading.

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