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What Is Rolfing

Relieve Pain and Improve Spine Health with Rolfing

Whether you’re 20 years old or 80 years old, rolfing can be beneficial for any body at any age. Rolfing, also known as structural integration, is a holistic system of bodywork that uses deep manipulation of the body’s soft tissue and movement education to realign and balance the body’s myofascial structure with the field of gravity.  It’s used to improve […]

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crystalline energy field

The Human Crystal ~ Recalibrate Crystalline Coherence

The key to understanding the assimilation of energy into our physical structure is through the awareness of our bodies as a series of synchronous, interacting, crystal structures. The human body on this level is a linkage of oscillating solid and liquid crystals that form an overall energy pattern for the total body. Each organ, gland, nerve system, […]

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The Rolf Method

The Rolf Method of Structural Integration

Here is an amazing video from a colleague: Robert Toporek  about what is possible when working with Dr. Ida Rolf’s basic 10 session Recipe .      

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