How does it work?

How Does The Rolf Method: Rolfing work?

Ola Natural Healing: Maui, Hawaii


I will apply skillful and intelligent pressure with my fingers, hands, forearms or elbows to release strains and distortions in fascial structures and restore the body to balance. Your participation in the sessions will be required as you will be asked to make small specific movements as we work. Some sessions may end up with a brief period of movement education. Movement homework may be assigned to help you integrate the new structural pattern into your functional pattern.  In many cases, our bodies are not working properly, we have pick up compensations and it is our goal in your sessions to aliven and increase vitality; Where aches and pains are just one of many side-effects!

Once the body finds its way back to a more natural posture, less strain, increased range of motion and improved sense of wellbeing. The results of the manual therapy are enhanced by well-directed movement education and an increased awareness of body mechanics and posture.

The Rolf Method