Spring has Sprung 2015 is in Bloom!

Spring is finally here, when we reach the time when the sun is in balance. After the three days of the Spring Equinox, the days start getting longer and the nights shorter until the sun reaches it’s peak at the Summer Solstice on June 21st.

This is the time when our dreams and visions that have been marinating in the unconscious during the long winter months begin to manifest. However, this is the year where some of us will be able to see the germination of dreams that have been lying dormant for years.


Follow your internal flow; sleep, eat, play, hibernate, whatever you need to remain balanced and calm. If you over exert yourself now you may find yourself in burnout later in the year….trust your intuition!

Spring-has-Sprung-e1363798533694 When we acknowledge and celebrate these seasonal passages of time     we recognize we are a part of nature. Just as a small acorn holds all the potential to become a mighty oak it must first find the faith and courage to break through the darkness of the cold earth and trust that the conditions are favorable when it reaches the light. This is the time to keep on trusting in your dreams and visions.

To celebrate the Spring Equinox, take some time out for yourself to just be. Give yourself permission to see life as a child, full of adventure, excitement and fearlessly. Walk bare foot, take time out to smell the spring flowers, take pleasure in the blossom, hug a tree, do something crazy. Become aware of the natural world awakening around you and enjoy the vitality, fertility and growth of nature.

This is a good time to spring clean your house thoroughly, open the windows and let the air circulate. Smudge all the corners with fresh sage while giving thanks for all your material things and everything that makes your home wonderful. This dissolves old and stale energy, creating space for new things to happen.

planting-seedsThis is also a time for sowing seeds in the ground for future food or flowers. Be aware of this wonderful act of creation to produce sustenance and absorb its powerful symbolism. Stand up for what you believe in and don’t be afraid – you DESERVE it!!!


About Ali Grabel

Ali Grabel is an Experienced, Compassionate Presence Specializing in Transformation. ~ Advanced Rolf Practitioner ~ She studied for 6 + years on Kauai, Hawaii with Emmett Hutchinson, one of Ida Rolf’s first anointed teachers.


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