Consciousness Alchemy

Everything is Energy and consciousness. That means, every-thing, not somethings – EVERYTHING! Certain things have a denser energy and makes them more material (matter) and others have a lighter less material more free form ( less matter )…

So if everything is energy and consciousness, what determines the frequency?   What makes something more matter or less matter?

That’s where the consciousness aspect comes in. 

Your thought matter. Yup, your thoughts 

creates matter!

Energy + Consciousness + Being

Consciousness exists at different levels and 

Energy has different forms

So choose wisely…Learn how to exercise your birthright of Free Will and Chose those thoughts that feel Light, Right and Bright and Alchemize / Transform the Heavy, Detrimental and Dark ones.


Live The Life You Have Always Imagined

Ali offers  Private Sessions or Group Workshops

  • Learn Practical, Safe & Integrative tools for transforming Energy and Consciousness

  • Alchemy practices of Qigong, Pranyama, Meditation to use in your every day life 

  • Hawaiian Ho’oponopono Practice

  • Techniques to Generate, Amplify & Sustain Positive Feeling States

  • Tools for transformation and spiritual development


About Ali Grabel

Ali Grabel is an Experienced, Compassionate Presence Specializing in Transformation. ~ Advanced Rolf Practitioner ~ She studied for 6 + years on Kauai, Hawaii with Emmett Hutchinson, one of Ida Rolf’s first anointed teachers.


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