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Your Health: Rolfing — a natural way to a pain-free body

source:  INCLINE VILLAGE, Nev. — Millions of Americans are consuming billions of dollars worth of pain killers annually and will likely never get out of the loop of pain, inflammation and drugs unless they start thinking about the problem differently. It is accepted as “normal” that as we age, we should suffer increasing aches and pains […]

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Why everyone over 50 should be Rolfed: Rolfing set to be the new health craze of 2017

Fascia, Rolfing, and Aging… 26 October 2016 by High50 Just as we’re getting to grips with the ‘microbiome’ and our growing fascination with Gut Health, fascia and ‘Rolfing’ are now predicted to be amongst the big buzz words in health for 2017. Once the preserve of clinics in Austria, Germany, Switzerland and the USA, Rolfing […]

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Scar Tissue

Learn more about scar tissue and how it effects our shape! Maui: The Rolf Method of Structural Integration: Rolfing Fascia    

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Dr. Ida Rolf

@ Dr. Ida P. Rolf  Dr. Ida Rolf, an empowered woman who began in 1930 developing the scientific process of The Rolf Method of Structural Integration

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The Radical Story of an Adaptive System ~ Understanding : FASCIA

By Thomas Myers Fascia is today’s buzzword in the field of bodywork; in fact, there are lots of new therapies with fascial in their name. But fascia is also shorthand for a groundbreaking new way of seeing our biomechanics that every hands-on therapist should understand. MY FASCIA STORY I was first introduced to the word fascia […]

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Emmett W Hutchins ~ My Rolfing Master, Mentor & Teacher of all Teachers

Emmett W Hutchins, Rolfing, The Rolf Method of Structural Integration.

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The human crystal ~ crystalline energy electromagnetic field

Yoga & Rolfing ~ A Dynamic Duo

Both yoga and Rolfing emphasize structural alignment and whole-body integration. In yoga, you move through precise postures with full consciousness and Intent. In Rolfing, too practitioner’s hands directly release restrictions and unbind myofascial tissues in your body.

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2016 Advanced GSI Graduates

I’m an Advanced Rolf Practitioner

I completed the Advanced Rolf Method Training! Thank you all for your love & support ♥ My GoFundMe campaign will run through the end of June  offering deeply discounted Rolfing sessions ++ in exchange for your donation. http://Gofundme.com/iloveyouthankyou Thank you, thank you, thank you! Lots of Love, Ali

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Advanced GSI Training

Update ~ Advanced Rolfing Training

Aloha Friends! Today is the half-way mark in the Advanced Rolfing training and so far, it has been amazing!!!! Such a wonderful group of international students/ practitioners who I am learning so much from. A couple of days prior to arriving on Kauai for this training I learned that my beloved teacher Emmett Hutchins (Ida […]

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The Rolf Method of Structural Integration Maui

Does Rolfing Hurt?

During a session the area being worked will vary in sensation and feeling depending upon the severity of chronic stress, injuries, and other factors specific to your body. To most clients Rolfing feels good – the slow, melting pressure of the Rolfer releases deep tension that may have been stuck in the tissue for years. The […]

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