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  IDA P. ROLF Journal of Humanistic Psychology Vol. 18, No 2, Spnng 1978   Like so many teachers, I complain that people do not seem to understand my basic goals, the fundamental purposes for which Rolfing has been developed. In an effort to lessen this type of frustration, I offer the following summary of Rolfing ideas, purposes, […]

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The human crystal ~ crystalline energy electromagnetic field

Yoga & Rolfing ~ A Dynamic Duo

Both yoga and Rolfing emphasize structural alignment and whole-body integration. In yoga, you move through precise postures with full consciousness and Intent. In Rolfing, too practitioner’s hands directly release restrictions and unbind myofascial tissues in your body.

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May Newsletter is out!

Greeting from grandmother Kauai ♥ I’ve had a breakthrough that I’m excited to share with you! Four years ago I choose to adopt the corner stone philosophy that, everything is working out perfectly! This does not mean that some things are and some things aren’t it means – EVERYTHING! Every last experience, every encounter & […]

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GoFundMe ~ Ali G’s Advanced Rolfing Education 💚

Aloha Ola Friends!  I’m running a campaign to raise money to attend an Advanced Training for Rolfing on Kauai 💚 April 26th – June 3rd! Please click below if you feel inspired to help and donate.  No amount is too small 🙂 Mahalo for your kokua

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