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Meet The Earth Barefoot – Grounding

Researchers found that there was a significant relation between the charge of our bodies and the ground. In fact, it has been determined that the Earth acts as a natural reservoir of electric energy. If a person with an excessive negative charge, or an excess of electrons, steps onto the ground, the excess will be […]

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You are invited! Heal Health Imbalances, Improve Eye site, Enjoy Radiant Skin

January 28th – February 10th Intro Meeting January 27th Please RSVP by January 20th ali@olanaturalhealing.com ou

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Abhyanga: Ayurvedic Oil Massage

Ayurvedic bodywork therapies, are therapies of touch that are focused on restoring the memory of pure consciousness into every cell of the body. Positive change in the mind and body is possible because ayurvedic bodywork creates balance on the physical as well as subtler levels of being. During treatment, a deeper state of silence is […]

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CLICK HERE FOR A FANTASTIC VIDEO EXPLAINING FASCIA ! Fascia is the network that give you your shape. The Rolf Method of Structural Integration works with softening and repositioning/ reshaping the fascia. Clients appear Taller, slimmer, longer, younger. This scientific process relieves chronic pain and increases your overall health on a bio-chemical level. If you […]

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The Gerson Therapy Program

If you or anyone you know is dealing with Cancer, or any “incurable” condition, then I am pleased to introduce you to the Gerson Therapy and The Gerson inpatient clinics :  Clinica Nutricion y Vida, in Mexico, and Gerson Health Centre, in Hungary. I have personally practiced the Gerson regime in a modified format drinking […]

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12 steps to a more Radiant YOU

Living a healthy Life is simple! Feeling Radiant can be as easy as taking  these 12 steps to wellness: 1.    Drink more water  2.    Practice preparing meals 3.    Increase whole grains 4.    Increase sweet vegetables 5.    Increase leafy green vegetables 6.    Experiment with protein 7.    Eat less meat, dairy, sugar and artificial junk foods; consume […]

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