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Love Your Liver Drink

Love Your Liver Drink!

This is a recipe for a liver lover drink from Dr. Schulze that you can easily incorporate into your daily health regime or make after a decedent night on the town.  I like to pour mine into a wine glass and enjoy in the AM sun.  All Organic Ingredients 8oz fresh squeezed juice of  1 […]

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12 steps to a more Radiant YOU

Living a healthy Life is simple! Feeling Radiant can be as easy as taking  these 12 steps to wellness: 1.    Drink more water  2.    Practice preparing meals 3.    Increase whole grains 4.    Increase sweet vegetables 5.    Increase leafy green vegetables 6.    Experiment with protein 7.    Eat less meat, dairy, sugar and artificial junk foods; consume […]

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Two temples of Kalalau

The first temple was for detoxing / clearing, then the person went to the second temple to spend another period of time…being initiated ( baptized / infused / awakened ).   This is the same method I have chosen to use in my healing work: First- Cleanse; Second- Nourish  I have found it is important to […]

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