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Abhyanga: Ayurvedic Oil Massage

Ayurvedic bodywork therapies, are therapies of touch that are focused on restoring the memory of pure consciousness into every cell of the body. Positive change in the mind and body is possible because ayurvedic bodywork creates balance on the physical as well as subtler levels of being. During treatment, a deeper state of silence is […]

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Hey Mama’s 2 B : Would you like a safe, speedy and easy delivery?…could be as easy as brewing some tea :)

From one of my Teachers,  Dr. John R. Christopher Dr. John R. Christopher’s Herbal Home Health Care ©1976  Christopher Publications “…If one has been living on the Mucusless Diet and is now expecting a new healthy child, remember, faith without works is not the proper way to go. To carry on the good works of […]

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I (♥) spirulina! I’ve been taking it in for years now, and my skin is shinier, my menstrual cycles smoother ( it’s packed with magnesium), my energy levels improved; and YES I do attribute it to spirulina! Living out on Kauai, close to the source was when I first was introduced to spirulina, added it […]

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