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Your Health: Rolfing — a natural way to a pain-free body

source:  INCLINE VILLAGE, Nev. — Millions of Americans are consuming billions of dollars worth of pain killers annually and will likely never get out of the loop of pain, inflammation and drugs unless they start thinking about the problem differently. It is accepted as “normal” that as we age, we should suffer increasing aches and pains […]

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  Should I know about turmeric? The short answer is, yes. Turmeric has become one of my favorite herbs in my herbal healing toolbox. My hope is that after you read what it can do, you will be able to use it when you or your loved ones need it to nourish and heal the […]

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The Rolf Method of SI (Rolfing) & Anxiety

Stress within a body can make a person feel like they are all tied up in knots. The Rolf Method of Structural Integration  can help untie those knots by slowly unwinding each end and working deeply to the center. It helps ease the weight of the world off of your shoulders by creating a freer support […]

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Rolfing: Ten Hours That Will Change Your Life

Rolfing, Sciatica, Change Your Life

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CLICK HERE FOR A FANTASTIC VIDEO EXPLAINING FASCIA ! Fascia is the network that give you your shape. The Rolf Method of Structural Integration works with softening and repositioning/ reshaping the fascia. Clients appear Taller, slimmer, longer, younger. This scientific process relieves chronic pain and increases your overall health on a bio-chemical level. If you […]

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12 steps to a more Radiant YOU

Living a healthy Life is simple! Feeling Radiant can be as easy as taking  these 12 steps to wellness: 1.    Drink more water  2.    Practice preparing meals 3.    Increase whole grains 4.    Increase sweet vegetables 5.    Increase leafy green vegetables 6.    Experiment with protein 7.    Eat less meat, dairy, sugar and artificial junk foods; consume […]

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The Swan

Swans are revered in Hinduism and are compared to saintly persons whose chief characteristic is to be in the world without getting attached to it, just as a swan’s feather does not get wet although it is in water. The Sanskrit word for swan is hamsa or hansa, and it is the vehicle of many […]

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