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Emmett W Hutchins ~ My Rolfing Master, Mentor & Teacher of all Teachers

Emmett W Hutchins, Rolfing, The Rolf Method of Structural Integration.

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Ho'oponopono Everything


Ho’oponopono means ‘to rectify an error.’ This is an ancient Hawaiian ritual of forgiveness which is based on the understanding that the problems in our lives are the results of errors based on past memories. When we acknowledge and take responsibility for our actions, and we repent for our errors, the light transforms our pain. It’s very powerful […]

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The Swan

Swans are revered in Hinduism and are compared to saintly persons whose chief characteristic is to be in the world without getting attached to it, just as a swan’s feather does not get wet although it is in water. The Sanskrit word for swan is hamsa or hansa, and it is the vehicle of many […]

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