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Why everyone over 50 should be Rolfed: Rolfing set to be the new health craze of 2017

Fascia, Rolfing, and Aging… 26 October 2016 by High50 Just as we’re getting to grips with the ‘microbiome’ and our growing fascination with Gut Health, fascia and ‘Rolfing’ are now predicted to be amongst the big buzz words in health for 2017. Once the preserve of clinics in Austria, Germany, Switzerland and the USA, Rolfing […]

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  Should I know about turmeric? The short answer is, yes. Turmeric has become one of my favorite herbs in my herbal healing toolbox. My hope is that after you read what it can do, you will be able to use it when you or your loved ones need it to nourish and heal the […]

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The Rolf Method of Structural Integration Maui

How Does Rolfing Work to Relieve Pain?

Learn more about this complex bodywork modality and how it works  realign the body and relieve pain. November 30, 2015 For years, I thought my back pain was a result of my “bad” hip—a painful remnant of my balletic past. Imbalances continuously arose up and down the right side of my body. Healers and medical […]

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CLICK HERE FOR A FANTASTIC VIDEO EXPLAINING FASCIA ! Fascia is the network that give you your shape. The Rolf Method of Structural Integration works with softening and repositioning/ reshaping the fascia. Clients appear Taller, slimmer, longer, younger. This scientific process relieves chronic pain and increases your overall health on a bio-chemical level. If you […]

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I (♥) spirulina! I’ve been taking it in for years now, and my skin is shinier, my menstrual cycles smoother ( it’s packed with magnesium), my energy levels improved; and YES I do attribute it to spirulina! Living out on Kauai, close to the source was when I first was introduced to spirulina, added it […]

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