Does Rolfing Hurt?

During a session the area being worked will vary in sensation and feeling depending upon the severity of chronic stress, injuries, and other factors specific to your body. To most clients Rolfing feels good – the slow, melting pressure of the Rolfer releases deep tension that may have been stuck in the tissue for years. The intensity of touch varies between subtle and very intense, while the scope of sensations ranges from satisfying pressure to releasing pain. Amongst others, the felt sensation depends on how heavily traumatized or tense the respective body area is.

The Rolfer continuously checks on the client to assess the intensity of sensation and can adapt pressure accordingly at any time given. Many clients experience a sense of release and more range of movement right after the session.

Unlike massage no oil or lotion is used during a session, as fascia   (connective tissue) can change from a solid like state to a gel like state through direct pressure and heat – so the friction is part of the magic! fascia Also, unlike  most massage, Rolfing is a participatory, awareness based process. You may be asked to breathe into tissue to help you surrender to what is…releasing resistance, make small movements under the practitioner’s hands or to stretch/ grow long out of a place where we are working. At it’s core, Rolfing is a self-help, self-paced practice.  Ida Rolf when asked if Rolfing could be painful, said something to the effect of, “show me a body not in pain and I’ll show you pain free Rolfing”.  Many clients say receiving Structural Integration significantly reduces the pain experienced in their daily lives or increases athletic functioning to such an extent, that short term discomfort on the table is worth the trade for the long term infinitely expanding benefits.

Before and After only 2 sessions!


About Ali Grabel

Ali Grabel is an Experienced, Compassionate Presence Specializing in Transformation. ~ Advanced Rolf Practitioner ~ She studied for 6 + years on Kauai, Hawaii with Emmett Hutchinson, one of Ida Rolf’s first anointed teachers.

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