On-Site Office Massage

Ola Natural Healing provides massage in the work-place, at corporate events, trade shows, and special events on Maui and all over The World 


Learn what companies like AT&T, APPLE, Coca-Cola already know ~ on-site massage is a cost-effective way to promote and strengthen employee morale and profitability.

Unlike other work-place massage businesses we offer our sessions fully-clothed on a massage table not a chair! High Quality Essential oils are used to promote deep relaxation and rapid healing. Massage sessions usually focus on head, neck shoulders, arms/hands, back & feet.


How much does it cost your company to replace a employee lost to stress-related illness or injury?


A recent study shows that the cost of employee turnover will easily reach 150% of the average annual compensation figure.

Protect the investment in your work-force. Massage in the work-place addresses stress points and inflammation as it occurs resulting in a stronger, more efficient work-force.  

Ali Grabel, CMT, MS


Massage Therapy