I’m begining a 21 day Raw Food Cleanse today!

It’s summer time and what that means for me is it’s internal body cleansing time! I have always found it easiest to do an internal cleanse during the warmer months – and in summer – all the amazing fruits and veggies to juice / eat and to soak up the warm sunshine and take dips in the ocean support my cleansing and make it a whole lot easier. 

I’ve done all kinds of cleansing over the years and would you believe it this is the fist time I’ve done a raw foods cleanse for 21 days?!  I am so looking forward to it! They say it take 21 days / 3 weeks to create or break a habit and so that is why I have chose this program and again since there are so many delicious fruits and farmer’s markets where I can easily get organic produce in the summer I have chosen a  raw foods cleanse.

Right now as I a typing this blog, I am sipping on my freshly juiced OJ and tumeric drink for breakfast. It is so delicious <3

oj and tumeric

I stared off my day at home  gently getting back into my Mysore Ashtanga Yoga practice – and am recommitting myself to over the next 21 days to this 6 day a week practice. I am also committing to spending time in nature daily – walking, lightly hiking, basking in the sunshine by the ocean…  ahhhhh  Life is so Sweet. Stay tuned for updates and for recipes I am using during this cleanse! And I’d love to hear about your cleansing experiences, please leave me a comment or send a private email to ali@olanaturalhealing.com

Lots of Love,



About Ali Grabel

Ali Grabel is an Experienced, Compassionate Presence Specializing in Transformation. ~ Advanced Rolf Practitioner ~ She studied for 6 + years on Kauai, Hawaii with Emmett Hutchinson, one of Ida Rolf’s first anointed teachers.


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