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I (♥) spirulina! I’ve been taking it in for years now, and my skin is shinier, my menstrual cycles smoother ( it’s packed with magnesium), my energy levels improved; and YES I do attribute it to spirulina! Living out on Kauai, close to the source was when I first was introduced to spirulina, added it […]

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Basic 10 Series

Sleeve Sessions: SESSION 1: The Breath The focus is on releasing restrictions in the superficial fascia around your shoulders, chest, lower back, and pelvis.  As a result your ribcage can expand, reducing pressure on your heart and lungs.  The improvements in circulation and respiration mean that your body can take in more oxygen, and deal […]

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When you are ready to begin your life-changing journey; please go on to read:

Have a Life You Love!   Are you struggling and frustrated with your life, your body your health? I work with people who say that they want big changes in their lives or it seems like no matter what they try, they still find themselves stuck and not reaching their  goals, or resolving that “problem”. […]

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The Gerson Therapy Program

If you or anyone you know is dealing with Cancer, or any “incurable” condition, then I am pleased to introduce you to the Gerson Therapy and The Gerson inpatient clinics :  Clinica Nutricion y Vida, in Mexico, and Gerson Health Centre, in Hungary. I have personally practiced the Gerson regime in a modified format drinking […]

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12 steps to a more Radiant YOU

Living a healthy Life is simple! Feeling Radiant can be as easy as taking  these 12 steps to wellness: 1.    Drink more water  2.    Practice preparing meals 3.    Increase whole grains 4.    Increase sweet vegetables 5.    Increase leafy green vegetables 6.    Experiment with protein 7.    Eat less meat, dairy, sugar and artificial junk foods; consume […]

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Honey Lemon Ginger Tea with Turmeric

Whether you are looking to unwind with a hot drink before bed, or ease a malady, this will be your cup of tea. This is a great wellness tonic for people looking to ease inflammation, and boost immunity. I especially recommend it for people with eczema, psoriasis, lupus, or acne. If you want to use this tea […]

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The Swan

Swans are revered in Hinduism and are compared to saintly persons whose chief characteristic is to be in the world without getting attached to it, just as a swan’s feather does not get wet although it is in water. The Sanskrit word for swan is hamsa or hansa, and it is the vehicle of many […]

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Two temples of Kalalau

The first temple was for detoxing / clearing, then the person went to the second temple to spend another period of time…being initiated ( baptized / infused / awakened ).   This is the same method I have chosen to use in my healing work: First- Cleanse; Second- Nourish  I have found it is important to […]

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What will I experience in a Structural Integration session?

Structural Integration is so powerful because the benefits are long-lasting, and eventually permanent.

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